Internship in Geneva

Villanova University offers a six credit summer internship program in Geneva, Switzerland, that might be interest to you. The program integrates an eight week internship experience with a course that focuses on the role NGOs, together with international organizations, play in addressing the key issue in world politics.

If you are interested, here are a few more program details. Even more information, can be found on our webpage (see bleow).

Academic component:

The program consists of a three week online, distance learning seminar and an eight weeks internship in a non-governmental organization or international organization located in Geneva. The online course is taught in last two weeks of May and first week of June by a Villanova faculty. It focuses on how international organizations and NGO are structuring international politics and prepares students for their internship experiences. During their stay in Geneva, students are enrolled in an eight week, fourty hours per week, uncompensentated internship in a field of their interest. The internship is complemented by weekly guest speakers and on-site visits to various international organizations. Students earn three political science or peace and justice credits for the online course and three internship credits according to the fieldl in which they intern (usually this means political science, sociology, economics, environmental studies)

Cultural component:

Students live in the center of one of Europe’s most international cities. The program offers an orientation and cultural component involving visits on some of the local cultural attractions. Students have weekends to travel and see further local of European sites.

Other Points:

There is no language requirement
A full-time Villanova faculty is present during the eights weeks in Geneva. Students live in residence hall with 24/7 staff on site.

Admissions on a first come and first serve basis. Submission datelines March 30.

More more details about accommodation, dates, application criteria and interships placement and other activities, please see our webpage.