Comments on the Presentations so far.


I’ve had two consistent comments for the presentations so far:

1. You need to have an introduction for your presentation, laying out what the vision of what your country’s nationalism/patriotism looks like, and how you’re going to show it. A number of people have just started with specific details which, while interesting, do not give the audience an overall sense of their analysis of their country’s nationalist ethos.

2. You need to be analyzing your country’s nationalism and making specific points about it. Simply showing us the flag, or the national anthem, or traditional clothing is not enough; you have to say what that shows about your country’s nationalism. If a country’s national anthem is all about blood and death what does that suggest about their sense of their own nation? If their flag commemorates an event 1000 years ago, what does that suggest about their sense of nation? People have had lots of details, but much less in the way of analysis.

See you on Monday.