Why Not Support Wertz?

During political campaigning, it is important to gain the backing of
one’s political party. Without this support, it becomes difficult to
raise money in order to organize a competitive and successful campaign.

Matt Wertz, the Republican challenger of Democrat Tim Holden in the
District Seventeen race, found this out the hard way. In Wertz’s
recently failed campaign, he was unable to raise money and gain the
support that is so important from his political party. In a recent
interview, Wertz offered his thoughts on why he was unable to gain
support from the Republican Party.

When asked, “Did you feel as if you had the backing of the Republican
Party,” Wertz responded, “The short answer is, no.” He then went on to
provide a deeper analysis. Wertz said that the Republican Party was
less than willing to put funds into his campaign chest partly because of
the “stunning defeat of Rep. George Gekas in 2002, and a poor showing
trying to get Scott Paterno elected in 2004.” This statement basically
implies that if George Gekas and Scott Paterno, with name recognition,
party support, and abundant campaign funds, can not unseat Tim Holden,
then a marginal candidate, like Matt Wertz, stands no chance against Holden.

Also in response to the above question, Wertz said, “The information
that I received from a well-placed source was that all the major players
in the community (I’m talking Republicans here) like Tim, and see no
reason to change congressmen. They appreciate and admire my military
record, but they like Tim.” This quote is meant to show the
difficulties that Wertz encountered as a challenger attempting to unseat
a popular incumbent. Wertz also blamed his lack of support on his
inability to form a professional campaign team. He mentioned that he
had “no lead time,” and in order for candidates to run a successful
campaign they need “at least eighteen months prep time to get
supporters, volunteers, etc.”

Therefore, Wertz blames his inability to gain the support of the
Republican Party on three reasons in particular. The first reason is
that history was against him. If well funded, popular Republican
candidates were unable to defeat Holden, then Wertz’s chances of winning
as a marginal candidate were very slim. The second reason is simply
that Tim Holden is popular. Democrat, as well as some Republican
voters, saw no justifiable reason to remove Holden from office, thus
dooming Wertz’s campaign from the start. Finally, the third reason why
Wertz could not gain the backing of the Republican Party was his failure
at organizing a professional campaign team. It is these three reasons
that Matt Wertz highlighted to explain his lack of support for the
Republican Party.

Aaron Warchal