Gerlach vs. Murphy Campaign Styles

Republican Jim Gerlach and Democrat Lois Murphy indisputably have one of the closest races for the House of Representatives in America. Though Gerlach and Murphy are not strangers to this, since they ran against each other in the 2004 election, the competition between Gerlach and Murphy has intensified. The main goal of each candidate is to appeal to the sixth Congressional district with their outstanding moral values. However, Gerlach’s support of Halliburton and Murphy’s past employment at NARAL pro-choice have set each candidate back from looking like the faultless citizen. Both Halliburton and NARAL have created the most controversy for each candidate. Here is a closer and more skeptical look at Gerlach’s support of Halliburton and Murphy’s work at NARAL which are both very large issues that have started a lot of criticisms about each candidate.

After Lois Murphy graduated from Harvard Law School in 1987, she served as president and board member for NARAL Pro-Choice America. She also served as an associate legal counsel to NARAL to protect a woman’s right to choose and to promote more effective and efficient family planning. NARAL Pro-Choice has been the nation’s leading advocate for over 30 years in protecting the reproductive rights of women. They handle abortions, sex education, birth control, women of color, and decisions in the courtroom. NARAL educates women on abortion, offers them support, and counsels women on how to prevent and participate in safe sex. Their main avocation is to keep a woman’s right to choose available.

Lois Murphy believes that a woman should always have the right to choose how she handles and what she does with her body. Abortions to Lois Murphy should only be used when a woman is raped or when she is financially unstable or when her health is preventing her from carrying a child. Jim Gerlach sees Murphy’s stance on abortion as a poor moral insight of her values. Gerlach is against abortion and targets Murphy’s link to such a monstrous act as abolishing life as a poor moral value that the American public should not stand for. Gerlach has used Murphy’s link to NARAL to try and sabotage her as a moral citizen to represent the American people. Jim Gerlach has associated Murphy with an issue like abortion to appeal to the American people. Abortion is a highly sensitive subject and highly debated issue not only among the people of the United States, but in the courtrooms.

Lois Murphy does not let her affiliation with NARAL get her down, instead she just highlights Jim Gerlach as a corrupt individual who has skeletons in his closet. One of these is the no bid contract that Gerlach supports with Halliburton. Halliburton is an issue that a lot of Americans are not quite sure of, but Murphy was smart in highlighting it as one of Gerlach’s corrupt decisions.

The United States is supposed to take bids from companies when they need something done. When the United States sought a company to rebuild Iraq, they were supposed to get bids from companies and then by law choose the lowest bidder and hire them to do the job. Instead, the United States just gave the contract to Halliburton without allowing bids from other companies. It may not seem so bad to hear that Halliburton was given the contract, but the real problem is that Vice President Dick Cheney used to work for Halliburton.

Murphy says that Cheney raised money to support Gerlach’s campaign and then Gerlach turned around and voted to allow Cheney’s company to make billions by rebuilding Iraq. Gerlach is accused of making no bid contracts part of his priorities in office which will in the end rob the American people blind by not hiring the lowest bidder and wasting tax dollars. Of course when America hears that their tax dollars are being wasted and that Gerlach supports no bid contracts that will continue to waste money, Gerlach looks as if he has poor morals. When Dick Cheney is tied to Halliburton and then the Gerlach campaign, it looks even worse for Gerlach.

Unfortunately a lot of Americans will take what a candidate has to say as the truth with little or no skepticism and that is why I believe that Gerlach and Murphy chose to highlight these issues in their campaign over others. Gerlach makes the claim that Murphy is not the right candidate for Washington because she supports abortions, which gives her poor moral values. What he does not say is that her real goal was to lower the amount of abortions by promoting better family planning and the availability of birth control to everyone. Murphy will attack Gerlach because he voted for a no bid contract for Halliburton to rebuild Iraq and was supported by Dick Cheney. Sadly Murphy forgot to include the other 434 people in the House of Representatives that had a vote in the Halliburton decision. Murphy has former President Bill Clinton supporting her campaign, so why is it wrong for Dick Cheney to support Gerlach? Murphy supports a woman’s right to choose and Gerlach supports Halliburton, does this really mean they are bad people with poor moral values which will disable them to represent the sixth district? That answer is for the people to decide. Be advised, when looking at political campaigns be more skeptical of each candidate’s claims. There is most likely a deeper truth that needs to be told.

Cathy Faust