Governor’s Race

Who will be the next Governor of Pennsylvania? Will Ed Rendell (D) be able to grab a second term or will the former Pittsburgh Steeler Lynn Swann (R) score a touchdown? Before we can make any assumptions on who will win we need to look at who are supporting each candidate, and what areas of the state are supporting which candidate. We also need to examine the careers and political experience of Rendell and Swann. If we examine each candidate’s, careers in and outside of politics, and their supporters within the state we can come to a conclusion who will win.

When we begin to examine who supports Ed Rendell, we can see that he has the backing of many Democratic Politicians/candidates such as Bob Casey who is running for the U.S. Senate against Rick Santorum. He also has the support of Lois Murphy, who is running for the House of Representatives against Jim Gerlach. Having their support will help Rendell pick up the Democratic vote, and even some undecided votes. He also has a lot of support from the average Democratic voter and just voters in general. Rendell has been very popular with Democratic voters especially in the cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and their surrounding suburbs. The majority of the voters in these two cites will vote for Rendell, because these two cites tend to vote democratic. So it will be hard be hard for Swann, to win over these two cites and they’re surrounding suburbs. Rendell has earned the respect and the appreciation of many of the citizens of Philadelphia. The support of the city and it suburbs is one of the main reasons why he will win a second term in office. Rendell served as a District Attorney in Philadelphia for seven years, and another seven years as Mayor. He has made some good changes in the city of Brotherly Love, and people just love him.

It is not the support from citizens or his popularity; it is his experience in serving the public, which will bring him votes. Again Rendell has a long history of serving the people of Pennsylvania and also has served on many state and federal committees. The fact that he has numerous years of experience will help him pick up many undecideds and even grab some Republican voters. The Quinnipiac poll suggests that 26 percent of Republicans support the governor or one out of four Republicans said that they would vote for Rendell. The Keystone Poll indicates 32 percent Of Republicans would vote for Rendell. He has the support of both Democratic and Republican voters, and he has political experience.

Before we can make any judgements we still need to examine whom Swann is who supports Swann, and also we need to examine if he has any political experience. First off who is Lynn Swann? He is a celebrity, and he earned his famed as pro football player for the Pittsburgh Steelers. In general people know him as the football player, broadcaster, and his charity work with Big Brothers and Big Sister. Swann did not earn his popularity through serving in public office like Rendell. Even though he has not gained his popularity through politics, he is popular and people will vote for him. People will vote for him, based on where he stands on the issues, and because he is the Republican candidate. He does have support by the voters, but it may be enough to win. Swann does have supporters, like President Bush. Bush has endorsed Swann and is major part of Swann’s campaign. This could be a good opportunity for Swann to pick up those Republican votes, but he could possibly lose those votes. Many Republicans are upset in way Bush is running the country, and having his backing may not help Swann.

If we examine his political experience, we will come to the conclusion that he does not have any He has never served in public office; he just does not have experience period. Many people will be afraid to vote for him, they will vote for Rendell or not all. Many voters need to feel confident and secure with the people who are serving in public. Having political experience is a major part in showing the voters they can trust you. This is what is going to hurt Swann, and why he will not win.

So who will be the next Governor of Pennsylvania? Ed Rendell (D) or Lynn Swann (R). The person who will win this race, will be the one who has the most political experience, and the trust and confidence of the people. The candidate that has the most experience, is Rendell, and that is why he will win. He has support form both sides, and has grab the majority of voters of both Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, and again this is why Rendell will win.

–Sarah Keppen